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Integration Exercise

Weekly Integration Exercise

Hello again Micro Method Members,

Now that you all have had some time to see what psilocybin can do for you, it’s time to see what you want . . .and to take some time to explore how to create it.

Having a clear idea of what you want opens the door for you to create it.

What does living a life that you want look and feel like to you?

What do you want?

Is it a life of joy? or a life of success? Is it a life partner? Is it a new house?

Discovering what you want for your life has likely changed from time to time. For some of you, maybe you’ve never even asked yourself this question? For others, maybe you’ve asked yourself many times and even then have come up with unfulfilling answers. For some of you maybe it is just time to ask that question again.

Let’s see what today’s exercise might lead you to learning about what you want for your life. . .


Part 1

1. To get started, think about what it is you want? Write it down. In fact write a list of things you want. Consider writing up to 5-10 things you want in your life. Do not be concerned if you cannot think of 5-10 things you want.

2. Circle 3 of these things that are most important to you or which would have the greatest impact on your life.

3. Now select the one MOST important to YOU. Not to your family or friends, not to your partner or parents, not to your finances or status, to YOU!

Part 2

1. Now that you are clear about the most important thing that you want in your life, Journal about how life will look like when you have this. Ex: Using New House: I will invite friends and family over for dinners, parties, game nights and more. When I come home from working I will place my purse and keys on the mantel in the entrance way. I will remove my shoes and light the candle that helps create warmth in the house. I will make breakfast daily and have brunch on the weekends outside in the garden.

2. Write down how having this will effect your life. Ex: Using Joy: I will wake up energetic and ready to start my day, I will have a flexible schedule and do a lot more socializing with people I care about. I will do more things that are meaningful and memorable to me.

3. Write down how you will feel. Ex: Using a life partner: I will feel loving and loved, passionate, enamored, connection, excitement, support.

4. Write down what will be different now that you have what you want in your life. Ex: Using success: I will experience an importance and purpose for who I am. I will be living out my dream. I will be making more money allowing me to do more of what I enjoy with people I enjoy.

Part 3

1. Write down 5 action steps that you can make that will bring you closer to having what you want that is important to you. Ex: Using Joy:
*Identify things and times in my life that bring me joy.
*Do these type of things that bring me joy.
*Practice regulating my emotions.
*Set an intention daily for bringing in more joy.

2. Each week until you’ve attained what you want, write down 5 action steps that will bring you closer to having what you want – and do them!

Part 4

1. Share what you want more of in your life and 1 action that you are committed to making this week in the WhatsApp Member Thread.


Be sure to take a moment to introduce yourself as you enter the group! You may find many others who will become life-long friends there. They too have completed 2 rounds of Micro-dosing and may have plenty to talk about with you.