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Integration Exercise #13

Your Weekly Integration Exercise

Emotional Perception Shifting

From time to time we find ourselves stuck in a mindset that doesn’t serve us, or no longer serves us. These are the times when learning how to look at things differently, or from a different angle can support us in shifting our current perception.

Let’s see what opens up for you through this series of questions intended to support shifting your perspective. . .

 “A shift in my perception can alter my life.” – Jacqui Ruiz

Choose an event in your life that you would like to work through

Write down all of the details of that event:

Write down the names of everyone who was involved, directly and indirectly: ex: the people who may have been effected by the outcome of this event. 

How old were you when this event occurred?

What meaning, message or story have you carried in your life from this event?

Pause here . . .reflect for a moment about what’s opening up for you at this point. Pay attention to where your mind wonders. 

Now, choose someone else that was involved in this event and rewrite the details of the event from their perspective. *Think about this from an open, neutral, who they really are perspective. If you cannot remove yourself from the event for the sake of rewriting from their perspective, you aren’t ready for this exercise. That does not mean anything at all except to give yourself a bit more time before choosing this event. Choose a different event for now.

Pause here . . .reflect for a moment about what’s opening up for you as you review the event from their perspective.

Now, write the meaning, message, or story that they have carried in their life from this event.

Write a list of all the things that have occurred FOR you in your life because this event has occurred. The things that never would have happened had you not been redirected as a result of this experience. Include the people you’ve met, the job you got, the move you made, etc. 

Last, What action step can and WILL you make to move yourself in a direction that serves you relating to this experience. Ex: write a letter to the person I haven’t talked with in years, pay this person back, etc. etc.

As always, consider sharing what has opened up as you completed the exercise.