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Weekly Integration Exercise

Your Weekly Integration Exercise

Why is Integration Work so important?

Integration work is like the gym for your mind. Without integration work it is like going to the gym and not knowing how to use the equipment. It’s like having a car but not knowing how to drive.

Integration can dramatically increase productivity. In other words, that mental space you desire to be in, you can get there faster with integration. 

Without integration your psilocybin experience can turn into a nice experience. With integration, your life will change.

Integration is using your psilocybin experience and applying it to your life to make sustainable life changes! 

Let’s Integrate . . .

Integration work is connecting the dots.

Making the connections from one life experience to another in order to see the whole picture. 


Learning to connect the dots of your life begins with answering a series of questions about your past, observing your past and current experiences, and looking for patterns. 

Part 1:
Below are a series of questions to begin with. Write down your answers to the following questions:

What qualifies as “fun” for you, even if it feels like work to others?

What moments of your current life bring you the most satisfaction?

What knowledge and perspectives can you draw on from your family heritage and cultural background?

In what environments do you do you feel alive, energized or at ease in?

What personal relationships, professional connections and social networks are you part of, and which do you enjoy most?

What unique or unusual life experiences have you had, and what have you taken away from them?

What instincts and inclinations have you followed, and which have paid off for you in the past?

What are your natural skills and talents?

What have been the most influential experiences of your life?

Part 2:
Review your answers to each of these questions from the perspective of your past life experiences.

Write down all the ways that they are a direct connection. 

Write down any patterns you can see in your responses. 

Part 3:
Take some time to journal about how this information can support you in understanding your life as it is now and how it can effect our future.

****Helpful Tip:
Sometimes it can be challenging to take a step back from your own experiences to see things differently. Considering sharing your answers with someone you trust who can help you see the connections and patterns within your answers.

Have fun exploring and connecting the dots of your life.

As always, consider sharing with the group what has opened up as you complete this exercise.