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Weekly Integration Exercise

Your Weekly Integration Exercise

Learning to Embrace Life’s Difficulties

All of our lives we will experience challenges. Challenging times and experiences that test our will and desire for joy and happiness.

It’s a given – It’s part of life’s journey.

 The question is, how do we come to terms with that
so we can bring ease into our lives through
those difficult times?

You have made it this far in life though you have already had many life challenges . . .

“We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems”. –Lee Iacocca

Think of this process more of a practice than a one time exercise. You will likely want to return to this process a number of times in your life as each new challenge presents itself. 

1. Remind yourself that challenges are part of our life’s experiences.

2. Feel your feelings. Make sure to acknowledge, honor, and feel through the many emotions you are/will experience.

3. Remember that you have made it through a number of life challenges already. You can make it through this one as well.

4. Write a list of the people in your life you can turn to for support during this time – and reach out to them for support.

5. Journal about the experience – It becomes a place to express and release rather than internalize. It helps document your process, giving you a place to look back on and refer to. It helps slow the whirling thoughts down enough to organize and rationalize your thinking.

6. Look for proof of your ability to get through life challenges. – think about past life challenges and what you did to get through them.

7. Look for ways to make use of this life challenge. “What lesson can I learn from this experience?”

8. Trust yourself to get through it.


1. Write down a list of life challenges that you have experienced in your life.

2. For each life experience you have listed, write down a benefit that came from that experience, (something that would not have occurred in your life if it weren’t for the life experience you’re referencing) ex: a person you met, a change in life direction that led you to a new and exciting place, etc.

3. Write down a lesson you can take away from that life experience.

Death of Uncle Ralphie – when I became the spokesperson for the family regarding funeral viewing decisions I carried a lot of guilt and distanced myself from my family.

I moved back to So. California where I was closer to family, became a roller derby player and began my Transformational Training.

Difficult decisions made from love are worth making. Once my family read the coroners report they thanked me for making that decision.


Below are life challenges outlined by 5 categories: 

  1. Cognitive challenges — matters related to the way we think about the world, others, and ourselves
  2. Emotional challenges — moods and feelings that develop in response to situations or people
  3. Physical challenges — concerns arising due to the onset of an illness, injury, or disability
  4. External challenges — physical occurrences that take place our in immediate surroundings or environment
  5. Societal challenges — issues including, but not limited to, prejudice and/or discrimination

Now that you have a clear understanding of the 5 different categories, consider completing the exercise for one life event in each category.

As always, consider sharing with the group what has opened up as you complete the exercise.