Healing doesn't have to look magical or pretty. Truth is, healing is hard, exhausting and draining. Let yourself go through it. Don't try to paint it as anything other than what it is. Be there for yourself with no judgement.


Why we do what we do

In our most difficult times in our lives is when we need people most. Having been someone who felt deep pain and sorrow and didn’t know who or where to turn to – I decided to create the place to turn. To become who I needed most in my most despairing times for others.

Spring sang softly as Winter died, "I'll bloom for you; while my heart still cries.


Our Story

We are a team of coaches who have personal experience with the subjects we coach. We believe it’s the personal experiences that bring us wholehearted passion that you would seek in someone you share your most sacred and vulnerable thoughts with.

It’s the personal experiences along with years of education, research, certifications, and degrees that have lead us to creating the unique styles of coaching we use to help you create the results you want.

Getting a fresh outside perspective on life’s greater challenges can help us get a better understanding of how to heal from the inevitable challenges of life.

Honesty is a form of love that people aren't used to.


What our Clients Say

Adama N.

Through my struggles and challenges, Jacqui was able to identify the source and offer empowering solutions. Her impact in my life will be always cherished as she guided me into unapologetically embracing my Light. She has the ability to know when and where to push and when not to. I support Jacqui's coaching 1000% and her ability to bring out the best out of me.

Crystal S.

Working with Jacqui was so special. I felt that she is not only capable and highly qualified, but her heart is so big and she was so incredibly open and available to guide me through my journey that I was able to move deeply and quickly into my therapy because of the trust and rapport that was established from the very first session. Her compassion, ability to hold space, ask the right questions, and reflect back to me what she heard/understood are what make her an incredible coach and counselor. I am in deep gratitude for feeling seen and heard while working with her – something that is such a rare treasure in today’s world. I am also so grateful for the many insights I gained while working with her and for the integration that I was able to achieve due to her guidance and support. So many aha moments and moments of deep relief when I knew I was getting to the underbelly of the deeper issues I was working through. I highly recommend working with Jacqui, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Kim V.

I recently started going to workshops with Jacqui because I'm going through an extremely difficult time in my life. She's very welcoming. She made me feel comfortable so quickly. She's given me tools I can really practice and more importantly has allowed herself and others to share their life experiences that ultimately make this process/path feel less lonely and more hopeful. I look forward to future meetings and would recommend them to anyone who is feeling lost, lonely or going through an emotional journey you just don't know how to handle.

Carrie S.

Embracing Your Light picks up where psychotherapy leaves off. I spent years in psychotherapy gaining valuable insights into my behavior and motivations. However I seldom left the office with specific instructions for how to process out my emotions. I was being quietly destroyed by the anger and depression associated with grief. But Jacqui's group offered a supportive, compassionate environment for me to process my grief, begin to see that there was a light within me, and feel less isolated. Jacqui offers social support and real tools for rebuilding your life. She has helped me across a vast, deep, and frozen sea. Take a pen, notebook, and tissue.

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