Our Mission

Our mission is to profoundly improve emotional outcomes for those experiencing life’s most difficult times. We use a number of healing methods and modalities that we have designed and created ourselves. Many are considered alternative methods which have proven tremendously effective.

Jacqui Ruiz

Jacqui is “a real one” as it has been put by many who have experienced her personally. She has a distinct method of coaching that combines unconditional love and that kick in the butt we all need at times. She is nurturing by nature and delivers the truth. Her no-nonsense approach to love is what helps you create the results you are looking for.

Her years of experience as a mortician and Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coach have led her to design the unique approach to grief, loss, loneliness and life.  

Because she understands that the timing of our lives is limited, she has embraced a "no time to waste" approach to love. Her relationship motto is “We have no time to waste not letting people know what they mean to us."

Jacqui is a big sister to all; caring for you and loving you unconditionally while openly and honestly expressing what isn’t serving you. For those who can appreciate an honest approach, Jacqui is your person! Those who interact with her walk away feeling loved and empowered, knowing they have someone they can count on.

The Medicine

The medicine has a gentle and kind way of highlighting for us the very thing that needs our attention. While it is magic in many ways, it isn't a quick fix. It is a supportive method to ease the severity and intensity of what we are experiencing and helps us move through life and its challenges with a little more ease. It is imperative to your journey to receive guidance and to learn the tools to enhance and increase the benefits that the medicine offers on its own. Additionally, the medicine opens up new portals of creativity, passion, and empathy that have the power to enhance anyone's life.

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