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Integration Exercise #12

Your Weekly Integration Exercise

Nature is our greatest teacher!

It is almost a requirement of psilocybin itself for us to get out in nature. If you didn’t hear the call to nature from psilocybin, you weren’t listening (by the way, I’m kidding about you not listening). . .Psilocybin frequently demands we spend time in nature; often we don’t find the time.

What can you learn from Mother Nature? 

 “In nature, nothing is perfect
and everything is perfect.” – Just Like Me

When you can see Mother Nature mirrored back to you, what will you find?


Part 1 
Spend some time this week in nature. At least 20 minutes. Slowly take your time to observe the intricacies of nature. While observing all of natures surroundings, find the one object within that stands out to you.

Study its every detail. Explore its life journey, its functions, purpose, strengths, limitations, beauty, etc. Once you have taken the time to observe it in full answer the following questions:

1. How is this object in nature just like you? or you just like it?

2. What is it about the object in nature that is a mirror reflection of you?

3. What lesson can you take from this object in nature?

Bonus: Nature Provides
Here are a few ways in which nature is a healer.

1. It combats obesity
2. It’s a great de-stresser
3. It fuels and fosters imagination and creativity
4. It offers real world learning
5. It piques curiosity
6. It brings out the child in us
7. It provides us with opportunities to reflect
8. Generates a state of peace
9. Helps combat anxiety and depression

Consider spending more time in nature, even if you are already spending lots of time in nature. Especially with all of the benefits available when you do, you’ve got nothing to lose. Here are a few things to consider bringing into your next visit with nature.

1. Playtime – bring out the child in you: climb a tree, skip, us e your child-like imagination.
2. Start a new outdoor project: plant some veggies, paint a landscape, forage.
3. Bring an indoor activity outside: read a book, have dinner picnic style in the grass.
4. Be wild and free

In nature, nothing is done uselessly